Vivo Voix range of phones is gaining its way into the leading handsets list in India today. There are various unique Voix models available in the market but none of them have the features of cutting-edge technology like the Vivo Voix. The advanced security feature and the user-friendly operations make it a preferred choice of many. Many overseas companies are also placing their manufacturing units in the rapidly growing state of India. The rising competition among Voix handset makers has made it possible to get the latest models at rock bottom prices.

Nokia8.1 with its fantastic feature and its great looks have created quite a stir among the youngsters. It is equipped with the innovative daylight readable feature that lets you read emails, texts and news even in the dark. In fact, with the battery life of the Nokia8.1 Pro you can easily perform the multitasking task even when you are in the twilight of the day. The vivo v15 low light sensitive feature of the Nokia8.1 Pro allows you to take five great photos with different settings such as time, blur, color, clarity and focus. It also comes with a low light mode that enables the user to use the device even in complete darkness.

This was the first smartphone from Nokia that integrates with MMS services such as Microsoft Exchange. The innovative Ease of Use solution of the vivo v15 allows you to send and receive images, videos and documents directly from the smartphone without downloading any software. Moreover, it is one of the first smartphones that enables true multitasking. You can chat with your friends on the social networking platform while watching your favorite videos. You can also use your Nokia smartphone as a multifunctional camera that supports digital image capture, video recording and playback.

With the innovative Lowlight sensor in the Nokia 8.1 Pro you can take pictures in a variety of bright lights. This feature is similar to the camera of Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc Mini, which also has an infrared illuminator. When you are in low light conditions in your photography area you can adjust the brightness of the camera to suit the situation. You can also click several shots to add a time lapse effect.

In addition, the vivo v15 has a nine megapixel camera with a manual mode and a five megapixel digital camera with an automatic mode. When you take pictures in portrait mode the focal point of the camera is at the chin level for a natural look and feel of the picture. It also has a fingerprint scanner, a dual LED flash, barcode scanner, optical image reader, water resistant body and is connected via GSM /GPRS network. It also has a high resistance lithium ion battery and offers a thirty minute pre-charge.

As you would expect from a professional grade device the vivo v15 will handle both night time and day time photography wonderfully, it also comes with a wide range of accessories. These include the Nokia Universal Portraiture Kit which includes an eight hundred and fifty photograph frame, removable card making it very easy to transfer images to your PC and a high definition digital photo frame. This body also accommodates the Nokia Quickimer, which allows you to make notes on the fly. Finally, it also includes the power and volume trim, a stand and a battery charger.

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